onlineteaching aid


FS 3 is a challenging course. Because technology in the learning environment is high lightened, it is hard for me doing something related technology. I’m so lucky belonged to PSU community; they provide learning resource center compare to the other school. The library, media center, computer room and internet facilities that help and give opportunities to the learner to expose in the use of ICT.

This course provides students with enriching experiences in developing and utilizing technology to facilitate learning.

The teacher engaged more in using technology by integrating in classroom instructions. We can see that there’s a change in the way classes are traditionally conducted and the quality of instruction is improved to a higher level. Integrating technology, learners become motivated, confident and collaborative learners who are engaged in their learning of the subject matter, and are capable of relevant application of concepts into authentic scenarios. It does provide a quality of learning.

I have learned many things during my FS days. My effort and spending a long time for visiting a learning resource center, observation in classroom and making instructional materials will not waste. I believed that I can used these knowledge for a lifetime, especially when I’m a really teacher.

In designing bulletin board, improve effectiveness and enjoyment of lessons and keep the classroom interesting with these bulletin board ideas and examples. They’ll make your classroom visually appealing and stimulating to your students. Whether you teach science, reading, art, or social studies, you’re sure to find the perfect bulletin board to fit your current theme or topic of discussion.

Preparing a teaching aid on specific topic has a great impact to the learner. I know that this day is hard to catch the attention of the learner because they are hyper but through various teaching aids, we can motivate and encourage the learner to perform the learning task. Teachers need to decide what supportive materials they will need to enhance the quality and effectiveness of learning. They need to be able to select suitable materials from those already available and more important, to design their own materials to be particularly relevant to individual learning programmed and objectives.

Providing classroom handout is difficult to the teacher. It is time consuming when you are making in every topic. But I realize that you are preparing good process of learning. You are helping students remember your presentation long after is over, allow students to concentrate on your presentation rather than trying to write down everything you say, and present information visually, which meets the needs of visual learners and provide students with a guide to help then with a future research.

Using Power Point Presentation can be considered to be an effective teaching learning process which stimulates intellectual curiosity and moves student from the passive role of recipients to the active of the builders of knowledge and provides a real audience for communication. As the student plans, prepares practices, delivers and finally reflects upon a presentation they engage in a very active learning processes which can promote critical and analytical thinking and the selection, evaluation and uses of appropriate arguments.

In my experience, I spent one hour in making first slide presentation. Truly, I feel shame to ask the owner of internet cafe but I finish it with self supporting.

On-learning is easy to perform; the information is ready to be seen but not all times you can find resources that appropriate to the learning task. Sometimes, when I surf to the internet the information is not reliable to the topic I find. Many teachers tell us that their students are often very motivated by using online learning resources. Teachers also appreciate their convenience, currency, and enrichment potential. Problems include determining if the resources are reputable and age-appropriate.

Now, after these activities I learned how to apply the principles of using technology to develop and utilize instructional materials that appropriate to a chosen subject area and to the learner. Teaching educational technology is highly effective in supporting the student learning outcomes by transforming students to become adaptable and independent life-long learners who are capable managing their own learning process, personal development and achievement.